Act Your Age!

Nancy Lesko’s work Act Your Age is speaking to me on so many different levels. So many of the ideas presented in this book proved true for me as a teenager. Looking back on my teen years I was very troubled. I smoked pot and drank,did not care about school, and was constantly depressed. It was hard enough for me thinking what I would be do 24 hours from now, much less 4 years. My teachers and parents constantly harassed me and told me I wasn’t going anywhere in life if I didn’t get my grades up. As a youth though all I really cared about was youth things. I wanted to be well liked, in shape, and have fun. I liked talking to girls and wanted more than anything to date one of the “hot” cheerleaders in my high school. Back then, I never could really put into words what was wrong. I can now that I have begun to read Nancy Lesko’s book. It seemed no matter where I was in my youth all adults wanted to talk about was my future! What about now!? What about what I am going through right now! Does anybody care!? Forgive me for not having my sights completely fixated on law or med school at age 13! Whenever I went looking for help I would always get the same answer from my parents. They would I always tell me “I know your worried about these things now but don’t worry they won’t matter in a few years. In a few years? A few years is like a lifetime to a teenager. As a teenager, I cared about teenager things. I am not saying in any way that parents should not push their kids to be fixated on their education. I’m just saying that after watching this weeks video in class and having read some of this book, teenagers need a lot more compassion and understanding. The way we are treating kids at the high school age is totally wrong and something must be done about it. If ever I have read a book that all parents and teachers alike should be forced to read, this would be it. Having been manically depressed as teen, I’m not sure if any of my teachers were perceptive enough (or cared enough) to even come ask me what was wrong. I feel our school systems need to adapt much more to teenagers so they can foster an environment that is not only educational but also emotionally satisfying to teenagers. I hope one day people can learn for people like Nancy Lesko on how to handle the complexities of youth. I am positive that our society would be much stronger for it. This article speaks volumes as to why I struggled in high school.


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