Dude Your A Fag!

How many time has the average American male heard this in his life! I know I have probably heard it several thousand times. This phrase seems to impact almost every decision I make. This way of thinking has less of a hold on me than it used to. In high school all my decisions were based upon whether something looked gay or not. I still think this way to a certain degree and I am in my twenties now. I know many young people seem to think this is a generational trend. It is not. My father and his generation seems to be affected by similar ideology as well. It’s almost like men are expected to sensor there feelings and thoughts so they fit this perfect mold. I know almost all men have liked something that would have been considered gay at one point. My brother has a pink polo shirt he likes to wear and his friends used to call him gay every time he wore it. People used to question my sexuality in middle school because I was in the school play one year. I actually really enjoyed acting at that age. I probably would have stuck with it had people not been spreading nasty rumors about me. At that age protecting my masculine image was rather important because it was going to follow me all threw high school. I remember telling my dad I had auditioned for the play. Instead of being proud of his son for participating in something constructive, he was immediately concerned. I am not making it up when I say that he told me “you don’t want people to think you’re a fag, do you?”. I had that idea planted firmly in my head by just about every “masculine” male I talked to, so I quickly lost interest in honing my acting skills. Here is a good article the effect these kinds of attitudes have on people.


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