Emerging Adulthood

It’s seems people stay “kids” nowadays (or observe child like behavior) longer than they ever have in the past. Grown men still play video games, people marry much later than they used to, and it is not uncommon to see a thirty year old living in Mom and Dad’s basement. This generational shift is fascinating when comparing it to the expectations that were put on my parents by my grandparents. When my parents describe their college experiences, they differ from mine and my peers in many ways. Both my parents were on their own financially (completely) they day they turned eighteen. My father was very dedicated to football because he knew if he trained hard enough he could get his education paid for via scholarship. He did just that. My mother went to school on an academic scholarship at eighteen. She understood the importance of keeping her grades up because she knew her family could not afford to pay for her education. These are all signs of two very mature young adults. Know a days young adults seem very free floating and experimental. They depend on their parents much later in life and continue to try and “find themselves” much more then our parents did. It seems young people are caught in a never ending cycle of becoming adults instead of just doing it. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, it’s just interesting to see how much things have changed from when my parents were kids. This seems to be an idea that is trending up, not down, so I will be curious to see what things are like in this regard when I have children of my own. The NY times has done a nice article on this very issue.

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