Masculinity (Old Spice)

It seems the definition of what is truly “masculine” is rapidly evolving and always has been. In my Dad’s day and age, it seemed men were supposed to be tough, show no emotion, have a beard and hairy chest, and fight at the drop of a hat. Nowadays, you see commercials like the Old Spice commercial from class and see celebrities smelling pretty and showing men how to have swag. It’s shows men wearing designer close, their bodies completely waxed, and a very physical physique. It seems the only thing that men can still claim they cling to as a standard of masculinity is big muscles. These commercial showcase very well men with large muscular physiques.  Other than that, it seems my fathers generation of what is “masculine” is truly starting to dissapear. On could even argue that big muscles aren’t even a requirement for good male status. Take Justin Bieber for example. Not only are androgynous looking males now accepted, they are considered hot by many females. I think my Grandfather would turn over in his grave if he knew how some males looked now days. Despite all these changes, violence still remains at the forefront of masculinity. Of all things that could have been done away with, violence should be at the top of the list. Men still think the need to prove their “alpha” male stays by fighting one another. I can honestly say I am at an age now were my peers are finally starting to outgrow that. It is so immature to go around hurting each other to try and prove your worth as a man. I would much rather all men look Justin Bieber (women) then bunch of jerks who go around beating the shit of each other. You would think men would want to have the stereotypical macho image to go along with their violent ways. You would be wrong. They want to look like girls and fight like MEN!! Here is a new Old Spice commercial. Not sure how I feel about that one.



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