Naughty by Nature

Black men really seem to have a tough time in America. They are they followed around why they shop, viewed as dangerous by people they do not know, assumed to have certain interests, and viewed as trouble makers with low moral fiber. Being black in America would be a chore to say the least. In my other sociology class we watched a video a few weeks backs that tracked the lived of these two men. Both men were from middle class families, belonged to the same fraternity in college, were eingeneering majors, and attended the same Big ten school. It is important to consider the time period in which the video was recorded (eighties). I know things have gotten better since then but it appears some of these same problems still go on today. They followed the two men store to store to see how owners and workers interacted with them. The white man was not followed around while he shopped, Was allowed to fill out an application for all jobs he asked to, and was never denied the opportunity to apply for housing. The opposite was true for the black men. He was told by almost all the same employers on the same day that they were not hiring, apartments told him they had no units available at this time. and store clerks asked him to leave if he was not going to purchase anything. Living life like this must have been totally miserable. The two friends consulted later on in the video to discuss their experiences with each other. The black men was heart broken when he realized the very same people who treated him so poorly, were so kind and welcoming to his friend. I can’t imagine the kind of toll this kind of abuse and neglect would take on a person self esteem. This article does a good job explaining the reality of day to day interactions of black men.



young black men


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