Peer Clique Structure (intesectionaly)-required entry

Peer clique structure is an interesting topic to think about. When looking at my own high school it is painfully obvious that it was plagued by peer clique structure. It seems everyone In my high school came from middle-upper class families and all were spoiled kids who were allowed to go around spending their parents money. The median income in my home town was $130,000 a year, so that should give pretty good idea of what kind of place it is. The town has all the amenities a person could ask for including ,but not limited to a shopping mall, great school system, low crime rate, beautiful gated communities, and a bunch of snobby kids. It seems the whole town was white (over 99%) so if you weren’t it made it really nearly impossible to fit in. I can count the number of black kids on one hand I knew in high school. It’s sad to admit but I was not friends with a single one of them. It seems none of my close friends were friends with them either. This was not a conscious decision  on our parts but more just a matter of unspoken circumstance.  It seems the jocks ruled the high school and If you wanted to be “cool” you had to be good at a sport (if you were a guy). If you were a girl you had to be “hot” and be on the cheerleading squad to be considered “cool”. Girls were given a little more leeway as long as they were hot. Guys however stood no chance unless they were white athletes where I come from. It’s pathetic that the teachers and faculty actually help foster this kind of environment. It is the most unequal experience I have ever seen in my entire life. Thank God for college! Here is an interesting article on advising people on how to handle these situations.

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